Jump out from your comfort zone. Do not just rely on the language your country has always been using. Sure, it's nice to be nationalistic BUT why don't you discover your potential - Learn how to speak the UNIVERSAL Language and get all these advantages:

  • You stand out from others if you know how to speak in English.
  • You break the barrier that separates you from the real world.
  • Have the access to more information.
  • Build more friendships worldwide.
  • Be more globally competitive.
  • Gain more confidence.

  • We offer trial classes so you can decide whether we are the right teachers for you. It is a 20-minute online conversation with a live teacher using the Skype virtual classroom.

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    Basic Conversational English, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Grammar Skill 20 classes for one month 30 minutes daily $120 $69
    1 hour
    $240 $129
    International Business English, Accent Neutralization
    and Active Listening
    20 classes for one month 30 minutes daily $120 $69
    1 hour
    $240 $129
    *prices may vary depending on US Dollar current exchange rate

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